Pajo’s Fish & Chips

9 May

BC’s highly anticipated spot prawn season kicked off last week so off we headed this past weekend to Steveston fishing village in search of these sweet crustaceans.  Sadly, we arrived too late and could only watch as the fisherman sold his last few pounds of spot prawns to someone else!  Since the commercial season started two days earlier local supplies were low.  As a consolation, we decided to go for fish and chips at Pajo’s.  I’ve read that Pajo’s is one of the best places in Steveston for fish and chips so it seemed like a good choice.

With the sun shining and Pajo’s location on its own waterside dock, this seemed the perfect destination for lunch.  The place was bustling and we had to wait in line for 20 minutes before being served.  We ordered one small portion of cod and chips ($9.99) and one large portion ($12.99) with the intent to share.

At first glance it looked really good.  The fish and chips came wrapped in a paper cone, which reminded me of the way it is served back home in Scotland.  However the meal was very disappointing.  The chips were mushy and inadequately seasoned.  The fish batter was soggy, not crunchy so it slid right off.  Clearly their deep fryer wasn’t hot enough.

Not surprisingly we were dissatisfied with our meal.  We decided that the fish and chips at the concession stands at Kitsilano Beach or Spanish Banks are superior to Pajo’s.  The batter is crunchy and the fries are crispy.  And if you pay a little extra, the best fish and chips in Vancouver can be found at Go Fish opposite Granville Island.  The batter is made with Granville Island beer which is especially tasty and the fish is always cooked to perfection.

Pajo’s is overrated and we won’t be back.

One Response to “Pajo’s Fish & Chips”

  1. Linda May 10, 2012 at 9:40 am #

    Kath, theres a great place in Steveston called Blue Canoe, they have really yummy fish and chips, a little pricey but real quality. However, Jason and I recently discovered a new joint close to our house, at the New West Quay. Apparently the Re-Up cart owners are opening a dine-in spot at the Quay this spring an took over their next door neighbor, The Crab Shop (which used to be a fresh seafood store). Due to the unsuccessful retail business, the Re-Up guys are using the space to only cater walk up (halibut) fish and chips and po’boy oyster sammies. The only 2 (made to order) menu items have really been a big hit, drawing line-ups on beautiful sunny weekends – I’m almost certain that this is one of New West’s best kept secrets. The 2pc halibut and chips at $12.99 I believe is a steal! Great quality plump and juicy fish, well fried, and delicious crispy batter that stayed on the fish with every slice I made with my plastic fork lol. It’s actually turned Jason from a fish and chips hater to actually craving for it every so often! Next time you’re in New West we’d love to take you to our new fave casual Sunday stroll lunch spot!

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