BC Spot Prawns

These tasty crustaceans are the largest type of prawns on found off the West Coast of Canada.  They have an extremely sweet and succulent flavour & can be distinguished by white spots on their tail.  The commercial season for these delicacies  is very short, starting mid May and going for about 6 weeks only.

The spot prawn fishery is very well managed & by adopting measures such as limiting the numbers of licenses & restricting the length of the season,  these prawns are a very sustainable seafood choice.   Over the past month we’ve enjoyed a number of spot prawn feasts.  Nothing beats steamed prawns with garlic, white wine & butter.  We’ve also tried them with  ginger beer & butter which was scrumptious.

The going rate around town is $12 per pound for live spot prawns (sometimes $10), you can’t get fresher than that! They can be purchased at Granville Island’sLobster Man or right off the fishing boats (next to GoFish) across from the market.  You’d better hurry as the season is almost over….!

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