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Now that spring is in full swing (although the temperature still feels wintry) we strolled around downtown Vancouver this past weekend in search of new street food carts to sample.  The city recently announced that the street food cart pilot program has been a success & 19 food vendors have been given permanent locations around town.  Check out the useful Vancouver street food app, it’s free and lists exact locations and opening hours.

At the corner of Granville & Georgia Streets we stumbled upon La Brasserie Street.  They are serving up hot beer brined rotisserie chicken sandwiches with gravy, crunchy onions on a buttermilk bun.  The picture on their sign looked mouth-watering so we opted to share one.

For $6.25 you get an excellent sandwich.  It really tasted like roast chicken in a bun, the gravy was really flavorful and the chicken was moist & juicy.  It tasted like proper comfort food, not greasy or prefabricated at all.  They have taken a simple concept & are executing it really well.  We will definitely return.

La Brasserie has an actual restaurant at 1091 Davie Street.  I’ve walked past but never been in.  According to their website they specialize in French/German comfort food, after trying their sandwich I’m tempted to try the rest of their food.  The online menu looks enticing with suckling pig, homemade bratwurst and lamb cheeks.

Next up we headed down Robson Street to find the Coma Food Truck which I’d heard was worth a try.  The Coma Food Truck was sitting outside the Empire Landmark Hotel at 1400 Robson Street; it seems they specialize in Korean/Mexican fusion…!

Sam went for the Korean Style BBQ Burrito with spicy pork ($5.99).  This was a soft tortilla with cheese, kimchi  and pork.  I thought it sounded odd (kimchi & cheese?) and he really did not enjoy it.  He decided it was an acquired taste, stating that the flavors do not go well together.  He would not have it again.

I went for the spicy and sweet chicken ($4.99).  It was just deep-fried chicken bits in a spicy Korean-style sauce ( it was more spicy that sweet).  It tasted like food you’d get from a mall food court; there was nothing special about it.  It was really very boring.

Compared to the other vendors I’ve tried, Coma Food Truck is lagging.  It does not compare to Fresh Local Wild (which incidentally has changed their name to the Kaboom Box), Re-Up BBQ or Roaming Dragon.  I’m not convinced that Korean and Mexican food belong together, others may disagree, but I’d say it’s a very acquired taste!

Stay tuned for more reviews to come.

Coma Food Truck on Urbanspoon

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