Fresh Local Wild

We finally made it to another one of Vancouver’s new food carts called,Fresh Local Wild.

As I mentioned in my post aboutRoaming Dragon, the City of Vancouver is allowing new food carts to set up around the city.  Rather than just providing licenses for hot dogs, vendors can now branch out and sell a wide variety of foods, thus greatly enhancing curbside food options.  Since I don’t work downtown, and most of these carts are located downtown, I haven’t been able to sample as many of them as I’d like.

As the name implies, Fresh Local Wild, specializes in fresh and sustainable BC produce and ingredients.  This is a great concept as consumers are increasingly concerned about where food comes from and what impact they are making on the environment (they even use compostable and biodegradable packaging).  Fresh Local Wild is capitalizing on this green trend and serving up some really good food in the process.

Former Executive Chef Josh Wolfe (who previously worked at Coast Restaurant) has teamed up with food cart veteran Andy Fielding.  These guys really seem like they’re having fun, they’re friendly and they definitely know how to cook gourmet street food.

The Fresh Local Wild cart can be found on Granville street, between Robson and Georgia. We went this past weekend and are really impressed.

Everything on the menu really is fresh, wild and local.  The featured sandwiches are hot smoked sockeye salmon and fried oyster po boy as well as a venison burger.  They also have fish and chips and Quadra Island mushroom poutine.

I tried the hot, smoked sockeye sandwich ($8).  They actually have a smoker in the truck (I’m very impressed by this); they literally take the hot salmon out of the smoker and place it directly onto a toasted bun with coleslaw.  It tasted wonderful.  I don’t think I’ve ever had such a good salmon sandwich in my life!  Anytime I’ve ever had a salmon burger from one of the concession stands at the beach, it’s always those gross pre-made patties that don’t resemble salmon at all (which is crazy when you are standing next to the Pacific Ocean).  This was a beautiful sockeye salmon fillet and the smoky flavor was just delicious, I can’t stop thinking about how good it was.

Sam had the venison burger ($9), which he thoroughly enjoyed, stating it was not too gamey and really nicely seasoned.  We shared an order of the fries ($3).  They’re the really crispy kind that are fried more than once,  so tasty.  I’m not a fan of poutine, but was assured by my eating companions that it was extremely good, not bad for $5.

Fresh Local Wild operates at the same location, Tuesday to Saturday from 11:30am – 5pm.  They are definitely the best food cart I’ve tried to date.

For more information check out their website atwww.freshlocalwild.comand stay tuned for more food cart reviews!

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