Tapas: Indian Style

Scotland’s picturesque and enchanting capital city of Edinburgh has more restaurants per head of population than anywhere else in Britain. Having grown up in Edinburgh, I visit regularly and over the past few years have discovered a brilliant restaurant called ‘Mother India’s Cafe’, which specializes in serving Indian food, tapas style. I absolutely love it.

Mother India’s Cafe’ opened in Glasgow first and became so successful they brought the concept to Edinburgh in 2008. The idea behind ‘Mother India’s Cafe’ is best described as serving fresh and original Indian cuisine in relaxed modern surroundings. Everything on the menu is tapas style, meaning all the dishes are small and meant for sharing. Rather than ordering large, filling curries, this Indian cafe encourages customers to try a wide variety of different dishes. I think this is a great idea. It’s a really fun way to eat Indian food and a great place to go with a group.

The menu has over 40 tapas dishes to choose from (as well as daily specials), mostly in the Punjabi/Pakistani tradition, and the prices range from about 3 pounds to 6 pounds per dish. I absolutely love the Chicken on the Bone Karahi and the Fish Pakora’s. The spiced Haddock baked with Punjabi spices and the Methi Keema Mutter (lamb mince cooked with fenugreek) are also among my favourites. The food is always really fresh and flavourful. The decor is contemporary, with tasteful black and white photographs of Edinburgh lining the walls. I would highly recommend this restaurant; Harden’s (a UK based restaurant review website) describes ‘Mother India’s Cafe’ as “the best Indian food in Scotland”. I agree. These days I can’t go home without a trip to this superb and reasonably priced eatery.

The ‘Mother India’ group own a number of other Indian restaurants in Glasgow: ‘Mother India’, a more traditional (non tapas) Indian restaurant and ‘Dining In’, a casual delicatessen that specializes in take out and deli style Indian food. They also have three sister restaurants all called the ‘Wee Curry Shop’, also located in Glasgow.

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